JVC LT-32C490 32″ HD Ready LED TV

A 32″ LED HD ready TV, sold by Currys/PC World.

The Remote Control of the JVC LT-32C490 TV

A image of the remote control and the related button function is on page 13 and 14 of the manual.

Where do I find the Manual for the the JVC LT-32C485 TV?

The manual for this TV can be found here. This manual is also representative for the following models: LT-24C490 and LT-32C491

Is there a Power on/Power off switch on the TV?

The POWER ON/OFF switch is located at the front right side under the frame. The power button on the left side panel of the TV does not power off the tv, it only takes it in and out of standby.

First Time Installation of the JVC LT-32C490 TV:

The instructions forths can be found on page 10 of the manual.

Re-Setting the JVC LT-32C490 TV:

To re-set this tv, follow the steps below:

  1. Press the MENU button to go to the MAIN menu. Press arrow the buttons to select SYSTEM and then press the OK button.
  2. Press the arrow buttons to select FIRST TIME INSTALLATION and then press the OK button. Press the arrow button to select ‘Yes’ to reset the setting.
  3. The TV will restart with the First Time Installation menu.

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